What am I passionate about?

I have joined twitter, finally. I resisted for a long time. I basically thought it was another self-promotion tool, which I am, despite being a bit of a blogger, not so fond of. I do enough of the ego boosting on facebook.

Actually, I was inspired by talking to a friend last night about all these ‘webinars’ she was ‘attending’ and about her passion for ‘English Language’. She is an academic and, like many academics, is passionate and focussed on learning more about this one subject. So, she does everything she can to find out about seminars, articles, books and conferences to do with English Language. Including being on twitter and following the latest news and updates within a community of people also passionate about the same thing.

Thinking about it, I realised that many of my passions or interests have been left to dwindle, fizzle out and generally die a slow death in me. I couldn’t even think to list them. This is really sad. I am realising that I need to feed my passions and interests with information, conversations, and active pursuit. So, I joined twitter. I want to keep in touch with what stirs me. I want to develop my thinking about these things, not stay with the same old opinions, grow in knowledge and hopefully this in turn will produce a more fruitful life.

I think it has something to do with almost being a mum and thinking about what kind of mother I want to be. You see so many ‘role models’ or, to put it another way, SUPERMUMs who do everything, seemingly without any stress and still look good. They have a clean house, a healthy relationship with their partner, a job, they are fit and in good shape, they do creative things everyday with their kids, cook amazingly, blog about intelligent things and have a social life! You also see many women who let the mum thing become their whole identity. All they talk and think about is the baby and they think that everyone else is interested in how many time they pooed that day and what colour it was. I don’t want to be either type. And it will take some determination not be like that. Not to give in to the pressure to be a supermum or to give in to the ease of just obsessing about baby. So, this is probably why I am thinking it’s important for me to feed my passions.

Why passions? How is that different from being a supermum? Well, I think it has to do with finding where you get life and motivation. I am made for more than being a mum, I know that. But I also know I am not made for the purpose of fulfilling others’ expectations of me, or of projecting a certain image in my life. I am not meant to live under pressure like that. So, when you look at passions, they come without pressure. They are about what you LOVE. What you WANT. What you DESIRE. And when you look really deep inside, you realise that passions are actually much more deeply seated that just interests and hobbies. They are sign posts to what you were made to fulfil here on this earth. They are unique to you and are God given. So if I work out what my passions are, feed them and grow them, I should be fruitful in the way that only I can be. I will find my unique contribution here on Earth. Thus I will also glorify God by being totally me.

Sounds simple. So, why do I not do this? There seem to be so many obstacles. So many mindsets and lies that we believe about ourselves that place limitations on ourselves. Practical things, weaknesses, distractions, trying to do things on our own, or waiting for others to take initiative, giving up too easily, worrying about what others will think, fear of failure, frustration and disappointments… the list goes on.

The problem is, we are not stationary people. We don’t stay in one place. I my observation, I either move forwards and grow, or I fall backwards, regressing towards old fears and limitations, finally ending up in apathy. So, the need to feed passions, to pursue them with determination and to aggressively fight through the obstacles becomes necessary.

So, I joined twitter. First step to reminding me that there are things deep inside me that maybe, just maybe, might grow into something uniquely fruitful.


One response to “What am I passionate about?

  • Valentina

    Well written Anna!I so much agree with you. I can not stop thinking, since our last conversation, about the passions in my life and what inspires and motivates me.There is so much more that we can do and be…

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